Wolverine Claws Its Way Up Video Game Survey

Wolverine Claws Its Way Up Video Game Survey

The much anticipated X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits movie theatres this weekend, marking the fourth installment in the running series of X-Men movies. The theatrical debut coincides with the release of the video game based on the movie, just as was done in 2006 with the third movie X-Men: The Last Stand. While the box office comparison between the two movies is yet to be determined, if gamer anticipation is any indication, things are looking up for the franchise’s game based on Nielsen’s weekly Video Game Tracking survey.

Comparing awareness for the week prior to each of the movie releases, the Wolverine game generated higher unaided awareness (6% vs. 2%) than the Last Stand game. Additionally, it led by comparison in aided awareness (48% vs. 42%) and definite purchase interest (14% vs. 10%). The week before the game’s release, X-Men Origins: Wolverine shot up from 23 to second place in overall unaided awareness for video games.

Video Games – Total Unaided Awareness Mentions

TW – Week of April 20 / LW – Week of April 13