Working Moms Above Average Mobile Users (and Spenders)

Working Moms Above Average Mobile Users (and Spenders)

Working moms are among the country’s highest spenders on cellular phone services, spending 21% more than the average cellular user on their wireless bills monthly according to a report from Scarborough Research, a partnership between The Nielsen Company and Arbitron. The average cellular bill for Working Moms is $94, versus $78 for all cell phone users. In addition, working moms, are 42% more likely than the average cellular user to download content to their phone.

The data analysis examined the distinctive consumer patterns and marketing appeal of women who work fulltime and have one or more children at home. The study includes information on their shopping habits, media patterns, demographics and lifestyles. “The Working Mother is the gatekeeper for purchases related to clothing, feeding and making a home for her family. Her high spending on cellular services together with her propensity to download content via her cell phone imply that mobile marketing could be an important platform for reaching her with product announcements, offers and other promotions,” said Howard Goldberg, Senior Vice President of agency services, Scarborough Research.

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