14% Multi-tasked and Got Social on the Web During Super Bowl

14% Multi-tasked and Got Social on the Web During Super Bowl

As living room debates about the best ads and plays of Sunday’s Super Bowl ensued, a virtual conversation was going on as well.

Fourteen percent of home Super Bowl viewers with Internet access browsed the web at least once during the big game, up slightly from last year’s 12%. Additionally, time spent on line for those multitaskers was up from 24 minutes last year to 29 minutes with much of that concurrent time was spent on social networks.

Overall, Google and Facebook were the most visited domains while watching the game. Preliminary analysis of Nielsen’s single-source measurement of Internet and TV, in Convergence Panel and select National People Meter homes, shows that 36% of simultaneous users visited and 34% visited Facebook, which was visited during the game by 1 in 20 of all at-home Super Bowl viewers with Internet access, led the most-visited sites in terms of simultaneous time spent, averaging 19 minutes per user.

Top Domains by Simultaneous Visitors and Time Spent



Super Bowl XLIV

RANK Domain % of Simultaneous




Simultaneous Mins



Per Visitor

1 36% 4
2 34% 19
3 30% 7
4^ 21% 3
5^ 11% 2
Source: The Nielsen Company



^Small base sizes; for directional purposes only

The growth of simultaneous use, particularly on sites such as Google and Facebook, demonstrates the growing importance of Web interactivity in the television viewing experience. For some time, Nielsen has been discussing and gearing our audience measurement towards how this interactivity could make a positive impact on live television viewership. We expect to see this trend continue to manifest itself in the Winter Olympics and this summer’s FIFA World Cup Soccer event.