Opportunities Abound in China’s Media Landscape

Opportunities Abound in China’s Media Landscape

Broadband penetration in China is 98%, affording the large Internet population great opportunities to engage with advanced online video and other high speed, interactive platforms.

Across the globe, consumers are spending more time engaged with digital media, particularly across the three screens of television, online, and mobile. Technological advances across all these media have led to  engaged and digitally-connected consumers. Increased TV viewing options like HD signals and digital recording systems, higher quality and faster online video portals, explosive social media growth and increasing rates of smartphone adoption are all radically altering the digital media landscape.

Video: Nielsen’s Steve Hasker on China’s Media Opportunities

Fastest Growing

These global trends are clearly visible in China, and in fact, China’s digital media landscape is among the fastest growing and advancing markets in the world. This profound digital revolution has created Chinese consumers who are experiencing new and advanced media experiences. The exposure to new technology and devices has made advanced TV, computer, and mobile capabilities the indispensible media experience of the modern Chinese consumer.

Even more growth is on the horizon. The recent and ongoing digital infrastructure investment positions China with an opportunity to lead on mobile Internet and mobile TV adoption. With China’s dynamic economy, marketers will act to innovate and profit from the growth in social media, which is changing the way Chinese consumers live their lives, and e-commerce, which has only just reached one third of the consumer population.

Online Opportunities

The online arena offers a particularly big opportunity for marketers and advertisers. China’s Internet market is so advanced, broad, and large that it occupies a unique place in the digital world. The national Internet (420 million) and mobile Internet populations (227 million) are vastly larger than almost all national populations. That the broadband penetration of those online is 98.1 percent, it affords the large connected population great opportunities to engage with advanced online video and other high speed, interactive features. As Chinese consumers continue to increase adoption of e-commerce and social media, it will be ever more important for marketers to understand and innovate in these channels.

Already, Chinese of all ages are accessing the Internet, and older consumers are increasing their presence online, too. Social media is a favorite web activity, claiming large percentages of time spent online—and even representing a major persuasion factor for consumers who are considering making product purchases.