Super Bowl Scorecard Brand Exposure Without the Commercials

Super Bowl Scorecard Brand Exposure Without the Commercials

There was plenty of buzz about the commercials during Super Bowl XLIV, but many brands also received audience exposure during the game with in-stadium, scoreboard, or other brand placement.

Repucom, which incorporates Nielsen’s television audience ratings data with their measurement of in-game sports sponsorship, analyzed all in-program brand exposure across all content during the Super Bowl broadcast. Excluding standard television commercials, the analysis tracked all television graphic and venue brand exposure for all four quarters of the game, the Hyundai Kickoff Show, the entire halftime segment, and the Intel Super Bowl Today Post Game Show.

Top Performing Brands for In-game Advertising Super Bowl XLIV
RANK Brand On-screen


Total Duration (sec)
1 Reebok 580 1,397
2 Gatorade 456 1,004
3 Motorola 98 392
4 Sun Life Financial 85 363
5 Flip 54 222
6 Pepsi 47 220
7 Doritos 28 219
8 Hess 52 193
9 Intel 27 186
10 Bridgestone 9 146
Source: Repucom / The Nielsen Company