Survey Would Green Cars do Well in Red Square

Survey Would Green Cars do Well in Red Square

If Russian business and government got behind the production of a hybrid car designed for city driving, would the average Russian motorist consider going green? In a recent online survey of Russian car owners, The Nielsen Company looked at the factors most important to consumers when choosing new cars in the current economy.

Challenging some pessimistic expectations, only 16% of the respondents said they were skeptical about the new Russian business and government initiative to develop a new city car with a hybrid or fully electric drivetrain, while 62% fully supported the idea.

A surprising 85% noted they would consider buying if the new car were available now, but only if it met key requirements such as design, dependability and durability.

Twelve percent of participants said that they would consider buying the hybrid city car if it had a unique design that set it apart from existing car models. At the same time, only 4% noted that the innovative fuel supply system was a key consideration, despite it being one of the main advantages of the new car.

A large majority (63%) of Russian car owners stated that quality assembly was of primary importance, and, as expected in the current economic situation, affordable price won 57% of the votes. Long-term cost-effectiveness, such as low fuel consumption and maintenance costs, was important for one in four of those surveyed. Adaptability of a the car to the tough Russian climate was a significant factor as one in three car owners noted it as a purchase consideration condition.

“The results of the survey demonstrate not only the potential of the new initiative of the Russian business to launch a new city automobile, but also provide insights into consumers’ priorities when it comes to purchasing new cars in general,” said Alexey Mishukov, the leading expert on the Automotive market Studies, Nielsen Russia.

“The key takeaway is that in the short-term, it is more beneficial to take into account ‘utilitarian’ motivation of consumers,” Mishukov added. “Five of the most popular factors are directly connected with saving: affordable price and cost effectiveness of ownership. Among non-price factors, Russians are focused the practical side of the deal as well. The most important for them is adaptability of a car to the rough local climate and road conditions and a high quality of assembly.”