Fast Break Dirk Nowitzki Now NBA’s Most Marketable Player

Fast Break Dirk Nowitzki Now NBA’s Most Marketable Player

NBA finals champ Dirk Nowitzki is the most marketable man in basketball, according to Nielsen/E-Poll, with an N-Score of 132. In addition to his MVP performance in the finals, Nowitzki’s new top position on the list is thanks in part to the retirement of N-Score and endorsement heavyweight Shaquille O’Neal and the shifting fortunes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, whose scores dropped from 131 to 26 and 117 to 34, respectively.


The N-Score measures name and image awareness, appeal and personality attributes such as sincerity, approachability, experience and influence, both at the U.S. national and local levels. “The extreme N-Score declines of LeBron and Dwyane Wade demonstrate that endorsement potential is about much more than consumer awareness,” said Stephen Master, VP, Nielsen Sports. “From endorsement superstars to being knocked off the top 10 list, they’ve learned the hard way the importance of public perception and appeal.”

Top 10 Most Marketable NBA Players
RANK Player Team Current N-Score
1 Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks 132
2 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 83
3 Steve Nash Phoenix Suns 68
4 Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics 65
5 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs 51
6 Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks 47
7 Grant Hill Phoenix Suns 41
8 Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls 41
9 Pau Gasol Los Angeles Lakers 40
10 Vince Carter Phoenix Suns 38
Source: Nielsen / E-Poll N-Score


Using the combined research expertise of Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research, N-Score is an in-depth look at a sports figure’s overall endorsement potential, factoring in the attributes and demographic measures that align brands with endorsers.  Each individual N-Score National survey is administered to 1,100 people within that panel via the Internet. The sample is representative of the general population based on gender, income, age, and education.