June 2011 Top U.S. Online Destinations for Video

June 2011 Top U.S. Online Destinations for Video

Typical for the summer months with school out of session, the end of the TV season and vacationing Americans, the number of online video viewers in the U.S. decreased slightly in June to 142.6 million unique viewers.  Streaming activity was also down 4 percent from last month, with 14.5 billion video streams in June.

Even though fewer people in the U.S. viewed video online during the month, users spent more total time watching – four and a half hours on average during the month, an increase of 4 percent from May.

Overall Online Video Usage (U.S.)
Jun-11 MOM % Change
Unique Viewers 142,550,000 -1.7
Total Streams 14,469,232,000 -3.7
Streams per Viewer 101.5 -2.0
Time per Viewer (hh:mm) 4:30 3.8
Source: Nielsen

Among the top online video destinations, only The CollegeHumor Network seems to have avoided the effects of summer as the number of unique U.S. video viewers increased 23 percent from the prior month.

Top Online Video Destinations by Unique Viewers (June 2011, U.S.)
Video Brand Unique Viewers (000) MOM % Change in Viewers
YouTube 108,408 -3.0
VEVO 36,029 -0.9
Facebook 25,332 -13.3
Yahoo! 23,004 -12.2
MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 15,152 -15.3
The CollegeHumor Network 14,535 23.2
Hulu 13,505 -7.6
AOL Media Network 13,057 -9.4
Netflix 7,976 N/A
CNN Digital Network 7,666 -16.2
Source: Nielsen
Read as: During June 2011, 108.4 million unique U.S. viewers watched video content on YouTube using PC/laptops from home and work locations

Dailymotion showed the strongest month-over-month growth among the top 10 destinations for video streaming, up 21 percent to 183 million videos.  VEVO also saw an increase in video streams from May (+3%), while top online video destination YouTube held steady with 8.9 billion videos streamed during June.

Top Online Video Destinations by Total Streams (000) (June 2011, U.S.)
Video Brand Total Streams (000) MOM % Change in Streams
YouTube 8,861,918 0.0
Hulu 630,208 -26.1
VEVO 427,130 3.0
MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 198,303 -25.7
Netflix 192,335 N/A
Dailymotion 183,030 21.7
Yahoo! 176,923 -8.5
AOL Media Network 125,437 -15.7
Facebook 118,633 -12.2
Turner-SI Digital Network 116,126 -22.1
Source: Nielsen
Read as: During June 2011, 8.9 billion videos were streamed on YouTube via PCs/laptops from home and work locations

U.S. video viewers spent more time on average watching video on Netflix than on any other site – 8 hours, 34 minutes, which is more than twice the amount of time spent watching content on Hulu, the #2 site by time per viewer in June.

New to the top 10 destinations by time spent per viewer, CBS Sports saw the largest increase in the average amount of time U.S. viewers spent viewing video on the site, up 87 percent from May.

Top Online Video Destinations by Time per Viewer (June 2011, U.S.) / 250K Unique Viewer Minimum
Video Brand Time per Viewer (hh:mm) MOM % Change in Time
Netflix 8:34 N/A
Hulu 3:42 -21.3 2:41 -26.9
YouTube 2:37 3.8 2:30 -3.4
Megavideo 2:28 -0.7 1:35 -30.3
ABC Family 1:35 -23.6
Lifetime Digital 1:16 -35.3
CBS Sports 1:14 87.1
Source: Nielsen
Read as: During June 2011, Netflix video viewers spent an average of 8 hours, 34 minutes watching video content on Netflix using PCs/laptops from home and work locations

Note: Due to data collection issues resulting from changes in the format of Netflix stream URLs, all metrics for the Netflix brand were excluded from the April and May 2011 online video rankings. As a result, there is no month-over-month change for Netflix metrics during June 2011.