Using Mobile to Drive Business in Germany

Using Mobile to Drive Business in Germany

Are you thinking mobile yet… if not you should be.

Consider these stats:

  • There are 5.2 billion mobile subscribers globally (77% of the world’s population).
  • In 2012, smartphone sales will overtake computers.
  • By 2013, more people will access the Internet through their mobile than through a PC.
  • By 2015, mobile broadband could be 3-4 times faster than fixed line broadband in many countries.
  • 79 percent of U.S. consumers use a smartphone to help with their shopping.
  • On average, people look at their phones 150 times per day.

With smartphones rapidly reaching critical mass in some markets, mobile is evolving from a “discovery” to a purchase tool for consumers. At the Nielsen Consumer 360 conference in Frankfurt, Germany, strategies for driving an integrated mobile strategy were revealed.

Growth Potential in Germany is Big

With more than one mobile phone per person in Germany, it is a strong mobile market, but the potential for growth exists. German mobile consumers are connected and getting smarter. Nearly two out of every three (63%) mobile purchases in Germany are smartphones. Today, 30 percent of Germans own a smartphone, compared with 45 percent in the U.K., 40 percent in the U.S., and 36 percent in Russia.

And with 83 percent of German smartphone users contract-billed by a carrier, higher monthly spending patterns follow: users spend an average of 1.5 more than feature phone users on their bills. The advanced user interface is also prompting more sophisticated communication. Over 65 percent of smartphone owners use email and half are active social network users.

Perhaps most compelling is the fact that more than half (58%) of mobile Internet usage occurs in the home, virtually changing the way people shop and opening up new opportunities for advertisers. Fifty-six percent of Germans react when receiving mobile advertising on their phone and more than one in five purchased the item advertised. “Mobile truly serves as the bridge between the online and the offline world,” explains David Gosen from Nielsen. “Mobile is empowering consumers to interact with stores, brands, friends and family in a way they never have done so before.”

Go Mo-So-Lo (Go Mobile, Go Social, Go Local)

More than 250 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices and they are twice as active as non-mobile users. In Germany, nearly 50 percent of all smartphone users have used a social networking app in the last 30 days.

A mobile and social media strategy must go hand-in-hand (having a Facebook page is not enough). And proximity is influence. Location-based mobile alerts are impacting decisions to buy in a particular store. Creating a successful mobile strategy requires 4Cs:

  • Content – be engaging.
  • Conversation – create two-way dialogue
  • Community – connect through advocacy programs
  • Continuity – think long-term and on-going

Mobile is a big part of your customers lives – be a part of it. Build deep and more engaging personal dialogs – be where they are. Creativity and innovation differentiates your brand at every stage of their journey. Understand the real insight and behaviors of your mobile consumers to drive success.