Twitter TV Continued its Epic Rise in Q1 2013

Twitter TV Continued its Epic Rise in Q1 2013

Twitter TV Rankings: Top 10 Shows of Q1 2013

Rank Network Show Uniques Tweets
1 CBS Super Bowl XLVII 5,280,048 26,131,270
2 CBS 55th Annual Grammy Awards 2,697,051 12,752,648
3 ABC The Oscars 1,626,592 6,377,732
4 ABC Family Pretty Little Liars 1,488,281 8,283,128
5 FOX American Idol 1,625,223 5,509,086
6 AMC The Walking Dead 1,491,244 5,549,780
7 ESPN 2013 Discover BCS National Championship 1,334,907 3,989,642
8 CBS NFL Football AFC Championship Game 1,222,229 3,813,160
9 ESPN SportsCenter 901,591 2,362,425
10 FOX NFL NFC Championship Game 864,168 2,563,259
Source: Nielsen

Top Tweets

Program Tweet No. of Re-Tweets
The Oscars @Harry_Styles: Jennifer Lawrence needs to win an Oscar tonight. 40,951
The 55th Annual Grammy Awards @ActuallyNPH: I wanna be Adam Levine’s clothes. 24,242
2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament @Pray_For_Ware: Medical staff have estimated the cost of#KevinWare’s injury at $670,000. For every#Retweet, $1 will be donated to help him heal. 21,286
Super Bowl XLVII @S_C_: Lights out!!! Any questions?? 20,297
The Lion King (movie) @AnnaKendrick47: #FictionalDeathsIWillNeverGetOver Sirius Black, Boromir, Mufasa, Will Smith’s dog 7,483
Pretty Little Liars @lTweetLikeAGirI: My emotions about the pll finale being tonight 5,222
American Idol @FillWerrell: Nicki Minaj being a judge on American Idol is like Taylor Swift giving relationship advise. 4,321
The Bachelor @TierrasEyebrow: She can’t control me. #bachelor 3,688
Catfish: The TV Show @VINNYGUADAGNINO: It’s ironic that we’re all tweeting about the show #Catfish on a social media site where mad people who tweet use fake pics. 3,542
The Bachelor @AnnaKendrick47: If I were a contestant on The Bachelor I’d just end up falling in love with the weird sound guy and making things uncomfortable for everyone 2,656
Family Guy @ochocinco: Family Guy has been out since 1999… it’s 2013 and Stewie still 1 f*****g years old? 1,724
American Idol @LOHANTHONY: nicki minaj’s special talent is looking like a bag of cotton candy 1,338
Source: Nielsen