A Multimedia Box Score for MLB Opening Day

A Multimedia Box Score for MLB Opening Day

The start of the Major League Baseball season is a highly anticipated event all across America, rekindling the country’s love for its favorite pastime and the hope for dreams of October glory.

In honor of this year’s event, Nielsen compiled a multimedia box score featuring stats from four of the 13 opening day games from Monday, March 31 to illustrate how baseball fans engaged with the action in a variety of ways: 1.1 million TV households along with another 1.1 million audio listeners were tuned in across the eight local markets of the participating teams. Toss in a national audience of Twitter users—including 3.8 million people who saw more than 140,000 Tweets sent about the Chicago Cubs @ Pittsburgh Pirates game alone—and you can see how opening day has become a powerful draw across screens, mediums and platforms.

Insights featured in the above graphic were compiled from a variety of Nielsen sources, including Nielsen’s Local Television panel, Nielsen Audio portable people meter (PPM), Nielsen Social and Nielsen Scarborough.