More than Engaging: Quantifying the Effectiveness of Videology’s Platform

More than Engaging: Quantifying the Effectiveness of Videology’s Platform

Americans spend over 600 minutes each month watching video content online—up 60% from 2013. With this shift in consumption habits, advertisers have increased their focus on video. Spending on video ads has risen by 12% over the past two years.

However, advertisers are still looking to understand if their video advertising efforts are positively affecting brand opinions. By measuring video’s brand impact in real-time with relevant metrics, advertisers can better understand campaign effectiveness and maximize ROI.

Videology, a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising, was looking for a reliable, quantifiable way to show its clients how effective its software is in driving results “beyond the click.” Videology worked closely with Nielsen to integrate Nielsen Digital Brand Effect directly into its video player to understand the brand building capabilities of its platform.

Through this integration, Videology was able to measure and optimize brand lift across nine consumer packaged goods (CPG) campaigns in-flight and determine the effectiveness of its platform compared to Nielsen’s industry norms. Videology discovered the results were, on average, six times higher than Nielsen’s CPG category norms, reinforcing the effectiveness of Videology’s platform in driving lift across awareness, intent, and preference for CPG campaigns. 

Granular, real-time metrics provide advertisers the opportunity to optimize campaigns in-flight and after, ensuring they get the most out of their advertising dollars. Videology’s commitment to understanding the brand impact of its video platform showcases the importance of brand relevant metrics in delivering impactful, quantifiable results for clients.

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