The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q4 2016

When advertisers think of reach, TV and internet are usually top of mind but Nielsen’s data shows that radio has the greatest reach of all electronic media. This report highlights radio’s ability to reach legal drinking age consumers in general and Millennials 21-34 in particular.

The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q1 2016

Beyond their cultural impact, music festivals offer a unique and valuable audience with boundless opportunities for Bev-Al brands to connect with consumers, activate their purchasing power and help drive the beat of the party.

The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q4 2015

It’s no secret that Millennials are changing the way we watch, listen and interact, but did you know that they’re also changing the way we drink? The only thing more varied than their beverage choices is how they’re consuming media.

Super Bowl Sunday Is No Longer Just a Beer Holiday

Despite being traditionally billed as a beer-drinking event, there are signs that consumers are thirsty for something else on Super Bowl Sunday. While beer remains the No. 1 choice for the big game, 20% of legal age drinkers say they’ll drink wine, and 20% say they’ll drink some form of spirits.