Co-Viewing on OTT Devices: Similarities and Differences

When we watch television, we often have someone else in our household watching with us: a spouse, a child, a roommate, even a family guest. That behavior is called ‘co-viewing,’ and it’s been a topic of intense social research for as long as television has been around.

Measuring The Impact of Advertising One Purchase at a Time

In recent years, the creation of large single-source datasets has been a major boon to the advertising research industry. At Nielsen Catalina Solutions, we’re combining in-store sales data from millions of households with information on whether or not those households are exposed to any given ad...

The Media Universe: A Bounty of Boundless Choice

Like the cosmos, which is contemplated much in current times, the proliferation of devices and the abundance of media choices is presenting endless options for the consumer and endless challenges and opportunities for the marketer.

Activating Big Data for Big Outcomes

Betting on winners and never losing might sound as fictional as a time-traveling DeLorean, but a panel at the recent Consumer 360 conference discussed strategies for using big data as an almanac that can lead to big business outcomes.

What Does it Take to Measure the Total Audience?

When it comes to hot topics in the media realm, it doesn’t get much bigger than cross-platform audience measurement. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. To iron out the specifics, a distinguished panel of industry experts at this week’s Consumer 360 event offered clarity around what it...

10 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask Before Buying Audience Data

There are literally thousands of data providers out there who will likely tell you that using their insights will help you to find the perfect audience. But which choice will make you a winner? Assuming you don't have enough time or money to do try them all, here are 10 questions to ask before...

Programmatic: Hard at Work or Hard Work?

By Jessica Hogue, SVP, Client Service, Nielsen If I could pick one buzzword of 2014, it would be “programmatic.” Not only was it a theme of the recent ARF Audience Measurement conference, whole conferences have been spawned solely to focus on programmatic. And, programmatic was the topic of the...