Case Study: Optimizing Sensitive Communication

Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience provided insights to Instituto Liberta that helped the organization present sensitive content in a way that strengthened its message that there should be no confusion when it comes to reporting child abuse.

Ads With Impact: What Messaging Themes Speak Loudest To Consumers?

Reaching your audience is an important component of any ad campaign, but what good is ad reach if it doesn’t resonate with the audience? Effective campaigns require more than identifying the right channel for reaching consumers. It’s also about delivering the right message.

Understanding the Effectiveness of Native Advertising

Native advertising has been increasing in popularity, but advertisers do not always know how to engage with this format. Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience worked with Yahoo! to understand how consumers react to both static and video digital native ads across platforms

Webinar: The Brains Behind Award-Winning Advertising

How do you know if the creative you develop is truly resonating with consumers? Two winners of this year’s ARF David Ogilvy award for Excellence in Advertising Research – Kraft and the Ad Council (Shelter Pet Adoption) – used neuroscience to develop ads that resonated with consumers to drive...

Uncommon Sense: The Emotive Power of Marketing

Dr. Robert Heath is a professor at the University of Bath and a pioneer in establishing the value of emotion in advertising. We recently talked to him about emotional resonance, its importance and how it can be used in improving the effectiveness of advertising.

Webinar: The Power of The Creative | Reconciling the Spoken and Unspoken

With all of the time and money you invest in your advertising, you want to be sure you are measuring its effectiveness accurately—from the creative itself to its in-market performance—and optimizing with impact. Can survey-based measures truly tap into consumer memories and emotion? What can we...