2016 U.S. Music Year-End Report

Music consumption is at an all-time high. Overall volume is up 3% over 2016, fueled by a 76% increase in on-demand audio streams, enough to offset declines in sales and return a positive year for the business.

2016 World Sports Review

Global sport's top-line metrics, notably global sponsorship and media rights spend, continued to point in the right direction in 2016 but it was also a year of rapid change across the industry.

Tops of 2016: Books

With an endless stream of entertainment from movies to video games (not to mention an interesting political season), how did the oldest form of entertainment—the book—fare this year?

Tops of 2016: Video Games

There was a lot for gamers to be excited about in 2016 in terms of new video game releases. Call of Duty, Gears of War 4, FIFA, Final Fantasy and Mario were just a few of the franchises that introduced new games for anxious consumers this year.

Breaking Myths Around Black Millennials: Part 2

In the second of this two part video series, Nielsen's Drew McCaskill, SVP, Global Communications and Multicultural Marketing, delves into how companies have won with young African-Americans by creating culturally authentic products and advertisements.