The Holidays Are Coming to Town and Shoppers Are Tuning to Local TV

Consumers in different parts of the U.S. access media in different ways. Knowing these different habits could help those across the media industry—from local TV affiliates to small businesses to agencies that operate on smaller scales—refine their strategies moving into the holidays.

Morning Commute: Reaching Voters With More Than Just Talk Radio

As America braces for the onslaught of political ads during the lead-up to the presidential election, new voter data is showing that it isn’t just talk radio that delivers voters to the local polls. In fact, new research shows that radio delivers much more than just chatter about the candidates:...

Webinar: Increasing Local Television Advertising Effectiveness

This webinar shares three simple suggestions to increase your local television advertising effectiveness. In addition, we examine how to evaluate audiences to obtain maximum buyer reach, the role of audience buying power and how to select dayparts and programming that deliver.