What's In Asian-Americans' Wallets?

Will that be cash or credit? The way people pay for their purchases is a key component in their actual purchasing decisions. And for Asian-Americans, there is a strong affinity for credit cards.

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep for Asian-Americans

Asian-Americans take a holistic approach to beauty, spending more than average on fresh foods, as well as in the health and beauty department. In fact, Asian-Americans spend 70% more than the average share of the U.S. population on skin-care preparation products.

Asian-Americans: Culturally Connected and Forging the Future

Proud of their roots in a continent that represents over 60% of the global population, hailing from more than 40 countries, and speaking dozens of languages, Asian-Americans are sharing their unique stories, influencing tastes and trends, displaying their style, and flexing their wallets.

How Diverse Are Video Gamers—And the Characters They Play?

From hedgehogs to soldiers and spies to princesses, many video games give players the chance to assume fantastical roles. However, sometimes players look for the option to be characters who reflect who they are IRL (in real life). But do video game characters reflect the diversity of players today?

The Making of a Multicultural Super Consumer

With expansive buying power and unique consumption habits, multicultural consumers are an emerging consumer force in the country. And multicultural consumers can fundamentally transform categories when you consider Super Consumers. But understanding the cultural essence that drives multicultural...

Smartphone Owners Are as Diverse as Their Devices

In the U.S., smartphones are increasingly the devices consumers—especially multicultural ones—are choosing for their multitude of mobile activities. Asian/Pacific Islanders (86.6%), Black-African Americans (83%), and Hispanics (82.4%) are the top three groups with the highest rates of...

State of the Media: Audio Today—How America Listens

Radio, one of the original mass mediums, continues to play a big part in the lives of Americans everywhere—with 243 million Americans listening weekly. For advertisers, that means radio delivers a mass audience in real-time across markets large and small that is highly qualified.

Rhythm and Culture: Tapping in to Today's Latin Music Listener

Given the wide range of styles and cultures that influence Latin music, the genre offers something for just about everyone. From Marc Anthony’s rhythmic salsas to Daddy Yankee's infectious reggaeton, Latin music is as diverse as its artists, able to bring down the house with everything from...