U.S. Games 360 Report: 2018

For the ninth year in a row, Nielsen has conductive extensive research into how Americans feel about—and consume—gaming. This report is the result of our latest study.

Asian Americans: Digital Lives and Growing Influence

Asian-American consumers are expanding their influence and voicing their preferences as customers, audiences and voters like never before. Thus, understanding this group has become more important for any organization servicing the American public.

Local Watch Report: Q4 2017

This edition of Nielsen’s Local Watch Report examines the over-the-top (OTT) trends in our cities and how they’re affecting the media landscape. With today’s streamer transcending a broad spectrum of geographies, generations and household types, streaming represents a unique opportunity to...

Streamers Show Strong Ties with Traditional TV

As of November 2017, over 65 million U.S. homes own an enabled device capable of streaming content to the TV. That’s a big number, and it continues to grow. While 59% of U.S. homes are streaming enabled, the story varies by market.

Commercial Trends in Sports 2018

We are at a time of unprecedented commercial opportunity in global sports. Barriers to entry have never been lower. More markets around the world than ever before are receptive to the power of sports. It’s never been easier to reach millions—even billions—of fans.

State of the Media: Audio Today 2018

AM/FM radio is the blue blazer of the media universe. Who would have believed 100 years after its debut AM/FM radio would continue to top the charts as the medium that reaches more consumers each week than any other.