Playlisting: The 21st Century Mixtape

The premise of compiling a special collection of songs on a tape or CD and sharing with a friend or love interest hasn’t gone away in the digital age. Today, it’s playlisting—an increasingly important part of the music experience.

Latina 2.0

Today’s Latina is socially engaged in ways that are personal, regional and national. Armed with a sense of purpose and determination, they are taking the reins of their own future and making influential strides along the way.

Nielsen Podcast Insights Q3 2017

The medium of podcasting continues to expand as more and more people discover new personalities and their special brand of storytelling. Advertisers are eager to explore the world of podcasting, but they don’t really know much about the podcast audience. That’s about to change.

Millennials on Millennials: Lots of Love, Lack of Loyalty

Millennials now make up the second-largest generation group in the U.S. They also now have disposable incomes, making them attractive to marketers and brands who are so eager to reach them, as this group is highly engaged, using multiple platforms for many hours on a daily basis.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q1 2017

There are many influences that can sway consumer media habits—from where they live to their income levels to when they were born. We also see much different consumption habits across generations.