Tops of 2017: Audio

Nielsen’s portable people meter (PPM) market data show some distinct differences when assessing the top 10 radio formats of the year, particularly when we look at preferences across different generations.

Taking Stock of Sports Radio Listening, Millennial Music Tastes and More

With the release of the November audience trends, Sports radio stations are seeing the annual upswing that happens each year when football moves back to the top of the fandom food chain and the major league baseball season concludes with a thrilling month of playoffs. Since June, the audience...

What Don’t You Know About Holiday Music?

When holiday programming hits the radio dial, things change. Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, when holiday stations see their largest spikes in audience, the mere presence of all-Christmas Adult Contemporary stations affect the radio habits for many other formats, too.

News Radio Reach Surges During September Hurricanes

It’s not unusual to see spikes in News/Talk listening in the fall. In addition to being ripe for worsening weather, News/Talk radio audiences always grow in the lead up to U.S. presidential elections, as we’ve seen in recent cycles.

Classic Rock Rocks Again in Summer 2017

Classic Rock, for the second straight year, saw the most growth in audience share when comparing tune-in during the first five months of the year to June, July and August, the dog days of summer.

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

Back in spring of 2011, teens 12-17 spent an average of 9 hours and 15 minutes with AM/FM radio. Fast forward six years later, and these same consumers (now 18-to-24-year olds) spend an average of 10 hours and 15 minutes with radio each week.

Another Classic Feeling for Summer Radio

Each year in the summer, audiences shift and certain formats surge during the dog days of the year. And with the release of Nielsen’s portable people meter (PPM) results for the July survey, a very similar story—as we’ve seen in past summers—is playing out again.

For the Love of Country

Country music is a truly American phenomenon that has grown immensely popular over the last decade—particularly on the radio. In fact, 13.6% of all radio listening in the U.S. went to a Country-formatted station last year.