2020 Holiday Media Pop-Up

This page highlights some of Nielsen’s biggest holiday advertising and viewing insights and predictions for 2020.

Welcome to The Database Podcast

From what you buy to the media you consume and much more, Nielsen has the data brands and marketers need to understand today's quickly changing marketplace. And this podcast aims to explore trends across industries using these data and insights.

Unwrapping Gifts: Tech Gadgets Shine Bright for Podcast Listeners

Podcast listening is on the rise, and with the holiday season approaching, the growing audience for these audible attention grabbers presents an opportunity for their gift-giving friends and family members, as well advertisers seeking to reach listeners themselves.

Another Classic Radio Christmas Is In Store

With Christmas just a few days away, tens of millions of Americans will be tuning into their local holiday music radio station. And once again this year, stations that flip to an “All-Christmas” format will likely see a boost in ratings.