Gaming Gone Global: Keeping Tabs on Worldwide Trends

It’s now 2016, and gaming has firmly moved out of the basement and into the living room–and beyond. In fact, more than half of the population in the world’s industrialized countries now identifies as gamers, which has brought a tidal wave of change across the way many of us spend our free...

Tops of 2015: Video Games

There was a lot for gamers to be excited about in 2015 in terms of new video game releases. Looking back over the course of the year, there were four multi-platform titles that gamers were clamoring for the most at launch.

Engaging the U.S. eSports Fan

The names Kobe, Lebron and Manning are household names among fans of traditional sports, but among eSports enthusiasts, monikers such as “ppd,” “Aui_2000” and “Fear” reign supreme. So what does it take for brands to engage them?

U.S. eSports Fans Aren't Just PC Gamers

The next big thing in gaming is here, and it’s gaining serious momentum. eSports, the common term for professional, competitive video gaming, has quickly caught fire, and everyone from investors to advertisers to content creators are clamoring to find a way into the action.

Holiday 2015: The Most-Anticipated Games

No matter what your level of gaming experience is, or what types of games you prefer, there’s no better time to be a gamer than during the months leading up to the holidays. Publishers know that we all spend more around the end of the year, so they’re always prepared to serve up a bounty of top...

Webinar: U.S. Gaming, a 360° View

In this year's U.S. Gaming, A 360° View webinar, learn how this multi-screen industry has continued to evolve over time, who's playing and how their behavior relates to other entertainment media.

Game Consoles in 2015: One Stop Shop for Games and Entertainment

Gaming consoles are no longer just for gaming. In fact, console owners actively use their devices for a wide range of activities including viewing TV, streaming video, watching Blu-ray discs and exploring the Internet. In fact, gaming accounts for only half of the time they spend on their consoles.