Three Screen Report Q2 2009

Three Screen Report Q2 2009

Nielsen reports in this issue of the A2/M2 Three Screen Report – a regular analysis from Nielsen’s Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement initiative (A2/M2) – that American video consumption across the three screens of television, Internet and mobile continues to rise. During 2nd Quarter 2009, online and mobile video consumption were up considerably, year over year, in terms of time spent and size of audience. The mobile video audience increased 70% from a year prior and time spent watching online video increased 46% in the same period (see Tables 1 and 2). While online and mobile are taking on an increasing role in the American media experience, traditional TV consumption continues to grow and remains at a seasonal all-time high (141 hours a month in the second quarter).

Trends in “Three Screens” viewing including timeshifted viewing behavior and its relationship to online video viewing, demographic breakdown of mobile video viewers and DVR penetration.


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Three Screen Report Q2 2009

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