Three Screen Report Q4 2008

Three Screen Report Q4 2008

Americans continue to consume video at a record pace. Consumers are watching more video than ever on the three screens of television, Internet and mobile phones. Nielsen data show that the average television viewer watches more than 151 hours of TV per month – an all-time high. Meanwhile Americans who watch video over the Internet consume another 3 hours of monthly online video and those who use mobile video watch nearly 4 hours per month on mobile phones and other devices.

Viewers appear to be choosing the “best screen available” for their video consumption, weighing a variety of factors, including the quality of the screen experience, convenience, availability of the video, and the ability to watch according to the consumers’ schedule. In the majority of cases, consumers choose to view video through the traditional means – live viewing of television in the home.


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Three Screen Report Q4 2008

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