Building Brands in a Cross-Platform World

Building Brands in a Cross-Platform World

Reaching consumers wherever they are has become increasingly complicated with the proliferation of media platforms. The online industry’s continuing reliance on impressions, click-throughs and other metrics unique to the web has prevented true cross-platform comparisons. To-date, limited information has prevented marketers from understanding the audience exposed to their online ads, and an impression-based focus has allowed frequencies to reach levels that are causing waste and inefficiencies. Nielsen research has shown that virtually no relationship exists between clicks and brand metrics or offline sales.

In this paper, we explore an in-depth case study on a campaign for a popular household product that demonstrates how new Nielsen solutions are giving marketers and publishers tools to increase accountability in the online space.

As online grows, television continues to be a vibrant medium. However, the issue is not TV vs. digital, but rather how consumers are using both together. Thus far, the metrics allowing for this understanding have been missing.

This paper shares Nielsen’s vision of how cross-platform reach and frequency metrics, as well as cross-platform ad effectiveness optimization approaches are possible.


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Building Brands in a Cross-Platform World

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