Local Watch: Uncovering Growth Opportunities

Local Watch: Uncovering Growth Opportunities

Technology has changed and enhanced the video experience. The average American today has more ways to watch video whenever and however they choose. Regardless of the way audiences tune in, consumers now expect their entertainment content instantly.

As media companies and marketers tap into the opportunity of renewed hyper-local offerings—spearheaded by blogs, local news sites, social media, TV, and daily coupons—we explore some of the unique characteristics and trends in local markets. We go beyond the local buzzword and focus on how the viewer can access content that matters to them from almost anywhere.

While watching technology usage is critical to understanding viewing behavior, the data show that viewing of traditional television remains very strong. Some local markets show increases in minutes spent viewing traditional TV year over year. The amount of quality content that people want to watch grows, in tandem with the accessibility of content via multiple devices and platforms.


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Local Watch: Uncovering Growth Opportunities

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