Nielsen Technology Sentiment Report

Nielsen Technology Sentiment Report

It seems like U.S. consumers welcome new or improved technology with open arms just about every day. Options abound, spanning our TVs, computers and appliances. They’re also evolving to become more than just single-service electronics. Coupled with readily-available Internet connectivity, we’re seeing a metamorphosis in how we interact with our devices.

In looking at findings from our annual Technology Behavior Track survey, we come away with three high-level findings:

  • Television is becoming more than a passive watching device as content viewing spans other devices.
  • Households are spending more time online.
  • Consumers are switching providers less.

Life on Wi-Fi

While household Internet connectivity is steadily rising—approaching the levels of omnipresence that our TVs have—consumers are just as interested in staying connected away from their homes. And for many, that means tapping into area Wi-Fi networks. While consumers indicate less frequent daily use of Wi-Fi technology, nearly half indicate some amount of usage. When it comes to fee-based Wi-Fi hot spots, however, consumers aren’t that engaged.


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Nielsen Technology Sentiment Report

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