Kids’ Audience Behavior Across Platforms

Kids’ Audience Behavior Across Platforms

With increasingly diverse platforms available, kids consume multiple types of media and spend many of their waking hours in front of multiple types of screens, often simultaneously. As more technologies and devices become available to kids (and as kids become older and savvy enough to use these devices), how do behaviors change and shift from one platform to another? How does the presence of other household members affect the amount and type of content consumed?

Developing a deeper understanding of how children of different ages use various media consumption platforms is crucial to measuring and reaching this audience.

Kids And TV Viewing

The incidence of TV viewing is substantial across all age groups. The vast majority of kids (over 95%) watched live (broadcast or network TV) or on-demand programming in 2011-2014 within the month of March. However, since 2011, the incidence of TV viewing has decreased slightly among all kids’ age groups. Teens 14-17 show the biggest decrease from 99% in 2011 to 96% in 2014. While this is a seemingly small decrease, it reflects the changing landscape of platforms available for media consumption; 4% of teens are viewing content elsewhere.


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Kids’ Audience Behavior Across Platforms

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