The Comparable Metrics Report: Q2 2015

The Comparable Metrics Report: Q2 2015

Understanding how consumers engage with media is often a matter of understanding specific terms for each medium. For example, when we talk about how many people see something on TV, we use the term “reach.” When we switch to the radio, we use “cume.” Then in digital media, we use “unique audience.” Despite the varied terminology, however, the goal is to communicate essentially the same thing.

The objective of the Comparable Metrics Report is to eliminate the confusion around the definitions and terms across media and provide clarity in the form of apples-to-apples metrics that are designed to address three critical questions:

  1. How many adults access a platform or content type in an average week
  2. How often adults access that content (expressed as days per week)
  3. How long adults spend engaging with the content

This report distills all platforms down to an average audience figure and allows us to view everything in the context of usage within the average minute.

Aggregate Media Usage

Media usage is moving to mobile and TV-connected devices. The decline in TV is more than offset by the increase in smartphone, tablet and over-the-top media consumption.


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The Comparable Metrics Report: Q2 2015

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