The Next Big(ger) Screen: A Shift Toward Phablets

The Next Big(ger) Screen: A Shift Toward Phablets

Following the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011, smartphones have grown steadily larger in size over the past four years, blurring the lines between phone and tablet. This steady screen size creep has been complemented by a rapid rise in market share, as consumers eagerly embrace the larger screen size.

As the trend looks here to stay, we explored the emergence and market share growth of Android+* phablets, defined as smartphones with a screen size of 5.5 inches or larger. What’s driving the trends behind phablet performance? What is their past and current impact in the marketplace? And what are the opportunities for future marketing and development?

High-End Phablets Lead the Market

The Galaxy Note series commands two-thirds of the phablet market. Given that screen size, not specs, drives phablet purchases, mid-tier phablets have considerably under-performed. However, with some increased marketing focus, there may be opportunities for mid-tier players to gain back market share from the top-end Samsung phablets. 


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The Next Big(ger) Screen: A Shift Toward Phablets

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