U.S. Children’s Book Landscape

U.S. Children’s Book Landscape

Despite the increasing penetration of mobile devices and complementary multi-screen consumption trends, U.S. consumers prefer discovering and buying kids’ physical books—and in person. In fact, of the top 10 in-person factors that influence awareness among children’s book buyers, only one isn’t above the national average.

What does this mean for publishers and authors? Good old-fashioned in-store placement can’t be ignored. And neither can opportunities where people discover new titles—book fairs, libraries and book store display tables. Publishers should also align with librarians and teachers, as they’re among the most influential recommenders of books.

In addition to highlighting awareness and purchase drivers, this Book Landscape report details the top-selling children’s books, the demographic profiles of today’s children’s book buyers and the platforms that buyers are gravitating toward as they make their purchases.


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U.S. Children’s Book Landscape

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