Nielsen Podcast Insights

Nielsen Podcast Insights

The medium of podcasting continues to expand as more and more people discover new personalities and their special brand of storytelling. Advertisers are eager to explore the world of podcasting but they don’t really know much about the podcast audience. That is all about to change.

Nielsen’s Homescan Panel is made up of thousands of households across the U.S. who allow their consumer purchases to be measured. By cross referencing podcast affinity against this group, we can start to demonstrate the value of the podcasting audience.

Half of these households are fans of at least one podcast, while 22% of all podcast fans consider themselves “avid” fans of podcasting. An avid fan is defined as someone who consider themselves “extremely interested” in a certain genre of podcast. These podcast fans represent millions of dollars in consumer purchases each year.

In this report, we profile a few categories to demonstrate the value of podcast advertising to brand advertisers who might consider adding podcasting to their media mix.

The Value of the U.S. Podcasting Audience


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Nielsen Podcast Insights

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