Video 360 2017 Report

Video 360 2017 Report

Video consumption behaviors are rapidly evolving. We live in a world where both binge watching and short-form video viewing are on the rise. Attitudes towards content forms and pricing models are changing.

Live event streaming is also on the rise, with sports leading the way in the type of programming consumed. The number of people streaming and downloading movies has nearly doubled in the past year, and a quarter of the population has live streamed programming like sports events, TV shows, awards shows and news events. Streaming is most popular among teens.

The Nielsen Video 360 report explores how consumers in the U.S. discover and view film and TV content across devices and channels, the drivers and barriers to purchase, attitudes around long-form and short-form content, and the trends in free and paid streaming.

2017 Video Viewing Snapshot


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Video 360 2017 Report

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