Webinar: Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings

Webinar: Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings

Today’s advertisers are looking for an accurate and comparable way to determine the true value of their online and cross platform effectiveness metrics. Nielsen has created a breakthrough service that helps advertisers better grasp the value of their media investment.

Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings leverages an innovative new Nielsen methodology and is:

  • Comparable: Agencies can provide clients with accountability in measuring online audience delivery in a form that’s comparable to Nielsen’s television ratings: Reach, Frequency and GRPs.
  • Timely: Agencies will receive reporting overnight for in-flight optimization, with greater accuracy.
  • Scalable: Agencies will be able to apply this service for a broad range of campaigns and impression volumes because it provides wider coverage than other existing online measurement services.

This webinar shares information about Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings and its benefits for agencies and the industry at large. You will:

  • Find out how the service works
  • Preview sample reports
  • Understand how you can participate


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Webinar: Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings

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