Webinar: Delivering Confidence for Digital Buys

Webinar: Delivering Confidence for Digital Buys

We know you work hard to set your digital campaign up for success—from determining the perfect placement to tagging each piece of creative—but how can you expect success if you don’t even know how your ad is performing?

In today’s ever-changing advertising environment, digital measurement is critical to understanding and evaluating just that. Knowing your ad reached the right audience is quickly becoming a reality, and agencies are asking for guarantees.

David Wong, SVP of Product Leadership at Nielsen, and David Hohman, Managing Director of Agency Solutions at Nielsen, discuss three key tips to making your digital ad campaigns a success. The tips are brought to life through a campaign example that demonstrates how you can incorporate digital measurement into your workflow to deliver to your clients with confidence.

During this session, three topics are discussed:

  • Improving on-target percentages
  • Addressing fraudulent impressions
  • Incorporating benchmarks and norms into future campaigns

Learn more about delivering confidence with digital measurement by clicking on the webinar recording below.

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