Webinar: How to Make the Creative Process More Effective

Webinar: How to Make the Creative Process More Effective

Are you getting consistent, reliable results from your advertising campaigns? If no, why not? You can achieve predictable campaign results by simply implementing a process to your advertising production, and as a result, plan more efficiently for future campaigns.

In this recent webinar, Nielsen’s EVP, Product Leadership, Dan Beltramo introduced the concept and practice of “Advertising Process Control,” focusing on how to produce reliable digital advertising campaign results across your organization. Horizon Media’s SVP of Digital Media Activation, Mary Shirley, and Collective’s Manager of Measurement Solutions & Insights, Greg Friend, shared their organizational best practices in driving consistent campaign performance for their clients.

Topics include:

  • How to implement process to deliver reliable results
  • How to apply an advertising process within your organization
  • How to leverage process improvements to generate consistent high performing campaigns

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