Webinar: U.S. Gaming, a 360° View

Webinar: U.S. Gaming, a 360° View

Whether they own the latest next gen console or are simply trying to outsmart a friend in Trivia Crack, one thing is for sure—consumers are embracing games on new devices and in new ways. In this year’s U.S. Gaming, A 360° View webinar, learn how this multi-screen industry has continued to evolve over time, who’s playing and how their behavior relates to other entertainment media.

Key findings include:

  • Over half of gamers now play two or more devices, driven by mobile and tablet gaming.
  • As 8th gen ownership grows, cross-generation gamers are shifting more time and money to their new consoles.
  • Both time and money spent by gamers in the category has risen year on year, with share of clock outpacing wallet growth.

Watch the webcast below to hear from Nielsen video game industry experts and download a copy of the slides at the end of the presentation.