Market Segmentation Privacy Statement

Effective Date: November 2016

In the U.S., Nielsen has access to a consumer database compiled by Epsilon, a consumer data company, for the purpose of performing Market Segmentation. This database contains data on each of 110 million U.S. households, and, in many cases, includes street addresses, email addresses, or other identifying information. Nielsen’s Market Segmentation involves analyzing this large data set in order to identify lifestyle, media, and demographic traits associated with particular ZIP codes, and grouping them with similarly situated households around the country. The output of this process is a set of statistical models (“Market Segments”) that are not associated with any particular household or individual, but into which households can be grouped based on ZIP code. For example, one market segment might describe households with older, highly educated populations that are on average interested in travel, luxury cars, retirement-planning services, and the arts. Another segment might describe younger households where school-age children are present, that are on average interested in SUVs, bargain shopping, family-friendly entertainment and toys. A third might describe households of urban service workers, interested in education opportunities, fitness, contemporary music, and professional sports.

The Epsilon database is accessible to a very small team of individuals within Nielsen and is used only for the purpose of creating Market Segments. We do not re-sell Epsilon data, share it with other third parties, or use it to target advertising to specific individuals.

If you would like to know more about Epsilon’s collection, use, and sharing of data and the choices which consumers may make with respect to it, please visit You can learn more about Market Segmentation at Nielsen here.