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It’s Not About Big Data, It’s About Smart Data

Are you tired of hearing about “big data”? The term might be overhyped, but it’s not going anywhere. We live in a world where we’re inundated with information, from a variety of sources that come at us quickly; but big data is useless without some sort of analysis to make sense of it all. Increasingly, Nielsen’s mission has been to turn big data into something far more useful for making impactful business decisions: Smart data. Smart data is actionable data and it requires data companies to be innovative and fast moving.

One way to do this is by investing in small and early-stage start-ups to encourage the digital innovation that moves businesses forward. It’s win-win; start-ups receive funding, strategic guidance, operational support, office space, hands-on management, business development and access to a network of global partners. The larger company fosters innovation in the industry and access to cutting-edge technology that fuels business forward. Nielsen Innovate, an early-stage technological incubator, was launched in 2013, focusing on market research, consumer behavior, data analytics, mobile and new media.

Nielsen Innovate has already proved successful. In 2014, Mobilibuy, a Nielsen Innovate company that enables retailers to open virtual stores everywhere on digital or printed media, was named the winner of THE PITCH, an early start-ups contest, at the IBM-Ernst & Young’s Journey Conference in in Tel-Aviv. The Nielsen Data Visionary Award was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF to recognize start-ups that leverage large quantities of data from multiple sources in an innovative, unique or creative way to help their customers measure and improve performance. Yet Analytics won the inaugural award for its seamless and creative platform, presenting users with access to a secure and scalable database.

“As a leader in measurement, our mission is to turn big data into smart data, driving faster, better decisions,” says, James Powell, Chief Technology Officer, Nielsen. “We’re thrilled to select Yet Analytics as a recipient of the 2015 Nielsen Data Visionary Award, in recognition of their unique platform that allows users to leverage large quantities of data from multiple sources to measure and improve performance.”