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Nielsen Creates the World’s Largest Consumer Neuroscience Organization With Acquisition of Innerscope Research

Nielsen recently completed its acquisition of Innerscope Research and has renamed its Nielsen Neuro area Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience to reflect the total offering. The combined entity is now the largest consumer neuroscience organization in the world.

Boston-based Innerscope has been a leader in integrating multiple consumer neuroscience tools, combining biometrics, neurometrics and psychometrics to deliver unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior. By adding Innerscope’s best-in-class biometrics and facial-coding technologies, along with additional expertise in eye tracking and integrating self-reporting to its EEG and other technologies, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience now offers one comprehensive suite of conscious and non-conscious research solutions on a global scale.

The unique and unparalleled insights gained from these combined technologies will empower clients to make even more informed and strategic business decisions with greater confidence and greater return on investment.

“Through this acquisition, we will deliver to clients unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior that helps brands build deeper connections and optimize product and communication performance,” said Joe Willke, president of Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience. “We are delighted to welcome Innerscope Research into the Nielsen family.”

This acquisition continues to demonstrate Nielsen’s leadership and investment in innovative methodologies to fully understand consumer behavior. And with this acquisition, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience now has the capability to extend its consumer neuroscience research methodologies beyond the laboratory environment, as Innerscope brings expertise with its Sensus™ kiosk platform and in-home and in-store testing capabilities with leading-edge wearable technologies.

“Integrated consumer neuroscience is at the heart of Innerscope Research, so we’re thrilled to become part of a company that also has a deep focus on using multiple tools to measure non-conscious responses related to consumer behavior,” said Dr. Carl Marci, chief neuroscientist for Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience and co-founder and former chief science officer for Innerscope Research. “By integrating our complementary technologies and science, we believe that Nielsen immediately becomes the largest and most complete consumer neuroscience company in the world. We can deploy the right tools for our clients, delivering unprecedented consumer insight across the globe.”