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Nielsen Launches “Election Central” – Political Hub for the 2016 Election

As the 2016 race to the White House—as well as Congressional and State contests—heat up, so too does the political intrigue!

From consumers to the consultants themselves, it seems the entire industry is looking to get more insight into political campaigns, the candidates and the people who matter the most—the voters.

Today, Nielsen launched our first-ever politically themed microsite. This media hub, branded Election Central, will showcase a wide array of political-related insights on the current political environment to help better inform the industry. The site focuses on three aspects of the current political environment: the specific campaigns, with insight into their earned and paid media; the reach of the campaigns and how their message resonates; and the voters themselves.

The ability to connect to voters remains a critical challenge for all candidates. From the personalities duking it out on TV in the primaries to those battling for Senate seats, it’s critical for campaigns to understand and reach not just optimal voters, but persuadable ones as well. This can help their respective messages resonate, with the right mix leading to potential votes.

Nielsen’s political hub also highlights Nielsen Political Solutions, which combine voter segmentation data with consumer media habits. Our gold-standard panel data, prominent surveys and digital solutions eliminate the political advertising guessing game by giving campaigns, strategists and agencies a complete view of voters, identifying what, when and where these key voter segments are watching or listening.

We’ll be routinely updating our interactive Election Central microsite, so that, as the political arena changes, you can stay up-to-date on relevant facts surrounding the election, the candidates and the voters.