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What’s Next for Nielsen

With audiences and consumers fragmenting across devices and shopping channels, what’s next is why clients all over the world turn to Nielsen.

It’s also a question we ask every day. And we’ve been evolving—quickly. We’ve worked both to expand our measurement and become more open and connected in today’s increasingly interconnected ecosystem. 

Today, we launched our first multi-year integrated brand campaign: The Science Behind What’s Next.

This new positioning encompasses our Watch and Buy businesses and gives us a platform to illustrate how Nielsen is transforming to meet our clients’ needs and match the pace of new technology. Through updated imagery, brand advertising, engaging content and more, we’re showing the world how Nielsen combines the rigor of our data with science and technology to enable our clients to make confident decisions that will fuel the future of their businesses.

Here are just some of the things you’ll see from us over the next few months and beyond:

  • A Fresh Look: We’re updating everything from our website homepage to the fonts, colors and imagery we use.
  • New Advertising: Though we’ve advertised specific products, this is the first time Nielsen has pushed a long-term, integrated campaign to advertise our corporate brand. We want the industries we serve to understand the depth and breadth of what we do and how we do it all over the world—covering 90% of the world’s GDP and 80% of the world’s advertising spend—every day. So expect to see print and digital advertisements in the magazines you read and on the websites you visit.
  • Refreshed Content: You’ll notice a new brand film and highlights of some of our talented associates, as well as content for events and reports.

At our core, we are a measurement company, as we’ve been for the last 94 years. What might feel new, however, is how we tell the Nielsen story.

We’ve entered a new era—one that is characterized by real-time and forward-looking decision making. Today, we’re taking bold steps forward to showcase the reality of who we really are. Just wait and see what’s next …