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Owned Content Performance From Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings® Digs Deeper Into the World of Social Media

Over the last decade, the proliferation of social media has fundamentally changed how we communicate—and made the world feel a lot smaller. Social media platforms have not only connected families and friends from across the country, but have given TV advertisers and marketers another outlet to engage with audiences directly.

Social media has also expanded what we mean by marketing when it comes to televised content. Networks, content owners and even the talent (be it actors, writers, or even directors themselves) are all leveraging the power of social media to promote content and ultimately drive interest among fans and potential viewers alike.

Since 2016, Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings® (SCR) has been the leading syndicated standardized measurement of the social impact of television across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To provide even greater insights into the performance of content posted by accounts officially associated with TV programming, we recently introduced an enhancement known as Owned Content Performance. With the knowledge of how their owned content fares, content owners and their talent can better understand a post’s affect and optimize their owned social strategies.

“Social media has become an invaluable touchpoint for TV marketers and talent to engage with their program audiences in season and off. In order to optimize their performance strategies across social platforms, marketers need a trusted measurement of content and visibility into what talent is doing on their behalf,” says Sean Casey, President, Nielsen Social. “That’s why Owned Content Performance is so useful: It not only identifies the content that is garnering the most engagement on each platform, but it’s also the only measurement solution that includes the program-related content being driven by talent. This gives marketers maximum visibility into the total social performance of their programs.”

Unlike other sources of information, social data provides direct insight into what people care about the most. Owned Content Performance, as an enhancement to Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings®, provides a much-needed ranking of owned content across the major social media platforms. SCR is the only syndicated measurement of talents’ contribution to the social footprint of television programs available in the market. Already, the added capability is helping to uncover new insights. Nielsen’s SCR looks beyond followership by providing a trusted measurement that helps to understand social media’s impact on the television universe.