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Nielsen Launches Nielsen Marketing Cloud in Australia

We’re excited to announce that, during the last two weeks, we launched Nielsen Marketing Cloud in Australia with two events in Sydney and Melbourne. Nielsen Marketing Cloud is a data management platform that empowers brands, agencies and media companies to connect more deeply with their customers by combining data analytics, media planning, marketing activation and data management into a single cloud platform. And Australia is our 10th market globally to benefit from the platform.

Across the globe, marketers are navigating a world of unprecedented complexity as the media market continues to fragment. Today’s consumers create data with every device they touch. And while “point solutions” are available to marketers to make sense of this data, many are unable to provide the capabilities necessary to build and sustain a winning cross-platform and cross-channel customer engagement strategy.

Similarly, there are many data management platforms available in the Australian market. However, what makes Nielsen Marketing Cloud unique is the rich, proprietary Nielsen data sets, including Nielsen Homescan and Nielsen Consumer & Media View.

During the events, key industry leaders from retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) grocery, publisher, agency and major brands attended the events celebrating the launch of Nielsen Marketing Cloud in Sydney and Melbourne.

Andrew Palmer, Head of Media Analytics, Pacific, Nielsen, showcased how the Nielsen Marketing Cloud will help clients unify disparate sources of data and advance their precision marketing efforts. The platform will enable clients’ ability to profile and activate:

  1. Across Nielsen’s exclusive universe of 86 FMCG categories and different buyer groups, including heavy and light buyer types, retailer buyers, brand buyers, promotional buyers and lapsed buyers.
  2. Across Nielsen’s expansive understanding of consumers’ attitudes, intentions, demographics and media behavior in 11 industries—automotive, food and beverage, home and household, finance, beauty and fashion, health and fitness, sports, travel, technology, shopping and leisure.

“We’re thrilled to bring the Nielsen Marketing Cloud launch to Australia—our 10th market globally and the third market in the Asia Pacific region,” said Ranjeet Laungani, Asia Pacific Commercial Leader, Nielsen Marketing Cloud. “Globally, we have helped brands and publishers plan, activate and analyze audiences on the back of rich, behavioral and purchase-based datasets that only Nielsen can offer. In a world-first, Australian clients will be able to profile their first party audiences against our Nielsen Homescan and Nielsen Consumer Media View datasets. This is a big deal.”

Panel speaks at Nielsen Marketing Cloud launch in Australia

During the events, Eugene Du Plessis, Nielsen Commercial Media Director, hosted a panel discussion with industry leaders on the challenges of linking data sets together and the complexity of marketing reaching target audiences. In Melbourne Dave Lodge (The Media Store), Rebecca Rizzo (Carsales), Shalabh Atray (Kraft Heinz) and Ranjeet Laungani (Nielsen) joined the discussion, and in Sydney was Shaun Fleijsman (Annalect), Suzie Cardwell (News Corp), Timothy Whitfield (BurstSMS), Aiden Quinn (Nestlé) and Ranjeet Laungani (Nielsen).

Brands, agencies and media companies can now manage their core marketing and audience management processes more effectively with a single Nielsen platform that combines our world-class data, analytics, activation and customer data management capabilities.