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Evaluate Cut Through Of Your New Commercial In Just Eight Days

Sydney, AU – September 29, 2009 – The Nielsen Company is pleased to announce the launch of its latest service – Rapid Campaign Evaluation (RCE) – a fast and cost-effective method of reviewing the performance of recently launched ads using consumer and media research, all within eight days.

Through Nielsen’s unique ability to integrate consumer research with media services (TVPix, AdEx,) and consumer panel responses from Nielsen’s YourVoice online panel, RCE will allow companies and media agencies to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of a new commercial (either their own or that of a competitor) and respond accordingly.

“Whenever a new commercial is executed – there is always that element of anticipation about how it will perform in the ‘real world’. If it’s a competitor’s ad – you are usually left worrying about the damage it will do to your brand,” comments Richard Reeves, Associate Director – Consumer Research Services, The Nielsen Company.

RCE was designed and developed in Australia by Nielsen to measure the strengths and/or weaknesses of television commercials. RCE captures executional recognition – how many people heard or saw the ad; brand linkage – did the audience know who the brand was for; and communication – was the ‘correct’ message taken out by the audience.

Armed with this information, the client can then make informed decisions as to how they should respond. For example,

  • An ad that performed strongly may provide justification to increase spend;
  • An ad with mediocre results could be re-edited to clarify the brand message and increase brand cues, or it could be taken back into qualitative research for fine tuning.
  • If RCE showed strong effectiveness measures for a competitor’s ad – the client may decide to go back on air with an existing ad, create a new ad or respond by increasing their ad spend.

“Given the large investment committed to producing commercials and running a media campaign, the speed of which its effectiveness is measured is critical, particularly if creative edits need to be applied. This is why we are truly excited to introduce Nielsen’s RCE service to the marketplace. In a matter of days, you can access the information you need to evaluate the performance of your ad and respond accordingly to ensure you are getting the biggest return on your media spend,” commented Richard Reeves, Associate Director – Consumer Research Services, The Nielsen Company.

About Nielsen’s Rapid Campaign Evaluation (RCE)
Methodology: Nielsen’s Rapid Campaign Evaluation measures the response of 1,500 national respondents with TVCs shown in full, ad recognition, brand linkage, EPIC measures, demographics plus more.

For more information contact your Nielsen Account Manager, or speak to Richard Reeves, Associate Director – Consumer Research Services, The Nielsen Company on (02) 8873 7314