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Bazaarvoice and Nielsen Enter Alliance

Market leaders join forces to deliver insights from the web’s largest reservoir of consumer-generated content – merging customer conversations from across the web with on-site reviews, questions, answers and stories

AUSTIN, TEXAS and NEW YORK, NY– April 15, 2010 – Bazaarvoice, the market and technology leader in hosted social commerce applications that drive sales, and The Nielsen Company, the world’s largest provider of media and consumer information and analytics, today announced a strategic alliance to help brands take the next step in understanding the power of consumer-generated content and applying that knowledge to their businesses to achieve brand goals.

This groundbreaking relationship will provide clients with an entirely new and holistic view of consumer opinions and the important role they play throughout the purchase funnel, and in overall brand health. For example, a brand marketer will be able to understand how consumer reviews of their newly launched product indicate a successful launch campaign or early warning signs of negative sentiments that will impact sales of the product. They will also be able to compare these online reviews to those conversations occurring across other social media platforms in order to understand the interplay between the two.

The relationship between Bazaarvoice and Nielsen will initially provide clients with several different data options. Clients can automatically feed all consumer-generated ratings and reviews collected by Bazaarvoice into Nielsen My BuzzMetrics, where they can be easily analyzed through the customizable dashboard. Clients can also receive custom analytic reports, which include a client’s ratings and reviews data from Bazaarvoice as well as the ability to benchmark their data against other social media data harvested by Nielsen.

“With Bazaarvoice and Nielsen, two market leaders are working together to help brands tap the power of social media in a completely new fashion,” said Brant Barton, Chief Innovation Officer at Bazaarvoice. “The integration of on-site and off-site social media finally gives brands the 360-degree insight they need to address the big marketing questions of the day: Who are my most vocal and influential customers? Does their feedback represent a larger trend that product and marketing must address? Does a negative review or blog post indicate an emerging brand reputation threat that I can stop now?”

“Reviews from consumers with real, hands-on experience with products and services tend to have the biggest impact in the purchase funnel. They have a high credibility factor, and can even shape the direction of a new product launch,” said Pete Blackshaw, EVP, digital strategy and customer satisfaction at The Nielsen Company. “This relationship with social commerce pioneer Bazaarvoice significantly sharpens Nielsen’s focus and depth of content around purchase behavior and brand advocacy.”

Bazaarvoice currently powers social commerce capabilities on more than 800 leading web sites and has served more than 100 billion reviews, answers, and stories to consumers worldwide. Nielsen is the global leader in understanding the ‘connected consumer,’ and in uncovering and integrating data-driven insights culled from over 125 million blogs, social networks, groups, boards and other consumer-generated media platforms. Through this relationship, mutual clients like Costco and P&G can automatically feed all consumer-generated content through Bazaarvoice into Nielsen My BuzzMetrics where it can be easily analyzed through a customizable dashboard to gain a more complete view and a new understanding of consumers’ online behavior, opinions, advocacy, and experiences at each crucial stage of the purchase funnel and product lifecycle.