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Nielsen Statement: National and Local Market TV Accreditation Status

Nielsen introduced the final component of its National Panel Expansion (NPX) initiative into its MRC-accredited National Television Ratings service on Dec. 28, 2015, and began all electronic measurement in 31 Set Meter and 14 Code Reader local markets on Dec. 31, 2015.

Nielsen submitted the integration process of the set meter homes into NPX as well as the Viewer Assignment methodology and the Code Reader service to independent audits prior to their introduction.

The accreditation status of the services is as follows:

  • The final component of the NPX initiative involved the integration of tuning data from Set Meter market panel homes and demographic data derived from Nielsen’s Viewer Assignment methodology used to determine the viewers within these Set Meter homes. With this introduction, it is important to note that Nielsen’s National Service remains accredited.
  • Nielsen’s 31 set meter/diary markets remain accredited by the MRC. Household viewing estimates, which continue to be based on the set meter, will also remain accredited. The MRC has yet to make an accreditation determination related to the Viewer Assignment process for persons-level viewing estimates in these markets only and therefore they will not be accredited effective Dec. 31st.
  • Nielsen’s diary-only markets are currently not accredited by MRC, and there is no change. The 14 markets where the Code Reader and Viewer Assignment methodologies are being introduced also remain unaccredited during the accreditation review process.

Nielsen continues to work closely with the MRC as we work through the accreditation process.


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