Audience measurement



Improve targeting for your media buys and ad campaigns to ensure you’re reaching the consumer segments that matter most.

Uncover what people are viewing in local TV broadcast markets through a combination of advanced technology, big data and people-powered panels.

Discover what audiences across the U.S. are watching—when, where and how often—with our mix of people-powered measurement and data science expertise.

Know what TV content viewers are watching in metropolitan areas, with data on key advertising demographics for both broadcast and cable programs.

Understand how audiences are spending their time streaming, what devices are being used and how different demo groups stream.

Uncover on-demand audiences with syndicated, independent measurement of subscription-based streaming content.

Identify what video-on-demand content audiences are watching on TV and connected devices, including video game consoles and other over-the-top media.


Understand an advertisement’s impact and reach across all media with metrics to measure and compare digital ad performance with traditional linear TV advertising.

Know which audiences viewed content online with measurement that reveals the reach of text, video or audio content across digital devices.

cross Media

Buy and sell media across linear TV and digital video platforms seamlessly with our single cross-media currency.

Analyze content effectiveness with a single set of metrics for measuring video consumption across devices and platforms.


Discover deep data and insights about local and national listening habits to help drive sales and advertising revenue across radio.