The way consumers watch and define TV is evolving as quickly as the world around it. Now more than ever it’s important to be efficient and transparent in the way we transact, target and facilitate the real-time insertions of advertising across the TV glass.

Addressable TV Advertising Ready for Primetime

According to Nielsen TV Panel data, 53% of U.S. households have an enabled smart TV today, and this number is growing — experiencing a 12% increase since 2019. With this surge in consumer adoption, smart TVs are a leading platform to address the blurring lines of TV and addressable advertising, at scale.

Linear TV reaches 80% of TV watching adults in the U.S. according to the Nielsen Total Audience Report, but marketers are looking for a more flexible, data-driven solution to capitalize on this volume and deliver more tailored, relevant advertising to their most desired audiences. Nielsen is working across the media workflow, from smart TV manufacturers to programmers to advertisers to the consumer, to tie together the unique elements of digital—targeting, precision and automation—with the benefits of traditional TV—quality, engagement with consumers, and trustworthy reach for advertisers. 

Our approach


#1 Industry collaboration

We are working with major media players and taking an active role to simplify and automate the growth of addressable TV advertising because interoperability is key for collaboration. Built on an open VAST architecture, Nielsen’s Addressable TV solution is easily accessible and designed to be easy to use for players across the industry.

Ad Tech

#2 unparalleled ad tech

Our solution is one of the only true neutral players in the addressable market, giving programmers direct control of their addressable impressions with a powerful ad suite of tools that includes inventory and yield management, campaign optimization, and dynamic ad replacement.

Unbiased Measurement

#3 unbiased measurement standards

Standardization is paramount in all that we do at Nielsen, having dedicated ourselves to unbiased measurement for close to a century. In this new era of addressable, we are uniquely positioned to tie linear addressable TV to traditional TV currency. 

Unlock the full potential of addressable TV

Nielsen’s Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology is built for accuracy and precision, unlocking all minutes of broadcast and cable – well beyond the two minutes of local time currently in play across the national addressable TV ecosystem.

For Programmers

Create additional revenue opportunities by opening premium advertising inventory, offering brands the capability to market directly to target audiences—with a seamless ad experience.

For advertisers

Reach your most receptive audiences with increased precision for highly cost-effective advertising that makes an impact at the right moment, at an optimal frequency.

For Ad Tech Players

Provide your clients with industry-first access to valuable linear ad inventory and real-time programmatic capabilities on traditional linear TV, all within our flexible, open infrastructure.

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